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Committee on Postgraduate Studies

Terms of Reference

 1.  To advise and make recommendations to the Senate on policies and regulations by taking into account the University's overall interest, and to monitor and review procedures, quality and performance relating to postgraduate studies of HKUST and HKUST(Guangzhou) in light of the "Unified HKUST, Complementary Campuses" umbrella, including, but not limited to:

     (a) general program requirements;

     (b) program development including new programs recommended by School/ Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) / Hub Boards (or the equivalents);

     (c) program quality control, including examinations and award of degrees;

     (d) matters from the School/ AIS/ Hub Boards (or the equivalents) relating to postgraduate studies and student appeals;

     (e) selection and admission of postgraduate students;

     (f) collection and maintenance of student records;

     (g) student fees and financial assistance; and

     (h) other matters as may be required by the Senate.

 2.  To submit to the Chair of the Senate no later than the 31 July each year a written report covering
      the activities of the committee during the previous academic year (1 July to 30 June).


 1.  To co-opt such additional voting members as may be required but not exceeding one-third of formal
      Committee membership.

 2.  To form any working groups as considered necessary.


Chair: Nominated by the Provost and appointed by the Chair of the Senate

  • Professor George YUAN Jie 袁杰教授

Member and Secretary: Dean of Fok Ying Tung Graduate School, ex-officio

  • Professor Charles NG Wang-Wai 吳宏偉教授

 (a)  Two faculty members to be nominated by each School and AIS respectively

  • Professor LAW Kam-Tuen 羅錦團教授, Science

  • Professor HUANG Yong 黃湧教授, Science

  • Professor SHANG Chii 商啟教授, Engineering

  • Professor Richard SO Hau-Yue 蘇孝宇教授, Engineering

  • Professor Ralf VAN DER LANS, Business & Management

  • Professor Ellick WONG 黃健輝教授, Business & Management

  • Professor WANG Jin 王瑾教授, Humanities & Social Science

  • Professor Lawrence ZHANG 張樂翔教授, Humanities & Social Science

  • Professor NING Zhi 寧治教授, Academy Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Professor Kira MATUS, Academy Interdisciplinary Studies

 (b)  Academic Registrar, ex-officio

  • Mr James A. PRINCE 潘廉士先生

 (c)  One postgraduate student representative to be nominated by each School and AIS

  • Mr Ka Kwan PAK, Science

  • Mr Tsz Chun Victor TSANG, Engineering

  • Miss Yuting JIANG, Humanities & Social Science

  • MrXinhao QIAO, Business & Management

  • Miss Mengyuan NIU, Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies


Term:  For student members, one year, renewable
           For others, two years, renewable

Information as of 1 November 2023