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Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality

Terms of Reference

 1.  To advise and make recommendations to the Senate on policies, regulations and guidelines relating to the quality assurance of teaching, learning and assessment, to promote the quality of teaching and learning and to monitor the operation of related quality assurance processes. The discharge of these responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
     (a)  maintaining oversight of and developing procedures, where appropriate, for the periodic review of undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses and programs, with external input, and monitoring their implementation;
      (b)  receiving and commenting on reports and action plans from Schools following external reviews of teaching and learning, including accreditation by professional bodies where appropriate, as part of assuring the quality of the University's educational provision and maintaining the academic standards of the University's awards;
      (c)  overseeing the development, maintenance, communication and implementation of the University's quality assurance framework.
 2.  To receive and evaluate annual reports from School Boards and the Interdisciplinary Programs Office (IPO) on teaching and learning in the courses and programs of Schools and the IPO, and from academic support units on their support of teaching and learning; and to establish the timetable, format and guidelines for annual reports.
 3.  To disseminate examples of good practice in teaching, learning and assessment; and to provide feedback  and recommendations, as appropriate, to Schools and academic support units based on the annual reviews of teaching and learning quality.
 4.  To advise on matters related to the evaluation of teaching, including, but not limited to, student evaluations of courses and instructors.
 5.  To advise on financial and other support for teaching development activities.
 6.  To submit to the Chairman of the Senate no later than the 31st of July each year a written report covering the period from 1 July to 30 June on the activities of the committee and the state of teaching and learning quality during the previous academic year.


 1.  To co-opt such additional members as may be required, but not exceeding one-third of the formal committee membership.
 2.  To form any working groups as considered necessary.


 Chairman: Appointed by Chairman of the Senate
  • Professor Bradley A. FOREMAN 霍文彬教授
 Member and Secretary: Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning), ex-officio
  • Professor Anirban MUKHOPADHYAY 諳寧寶教授
 (a)  Two representatives each from the Schools of Science, Engineering, Business & Management, and Humanities & Social Science: one to be nominated by the Dean and one to be selected by the School Board  

 Nominated by the Dean:
  • Professor Jonathan Eugene HALPERT, Science
  • Professor Albert CHUNG 鍾志成教授, Engineering
  • Professor Jeevan JAISINGH, Business & Management
  • Professor Charles CHAN, Humanities & Social Science
 Selected by the School Board:
  • Professor Randy Y C POON 潘逸才教授, Science
  • Professor Marshal LIU 劉元帥教授, Engineering
  • Professor Melody CHAO 周文芝教授, Business & Management
  • Professor Kevin TAM 談儉邦教授, Humanities & Social Science
 (b)  One representative from the Fok Ying Tung Graduate School, to be nominated by the Dean
  • Ms Alison CHU
 (c)  Dean of Students, or nominee
  • Professor King-Lau CHOW 周敬流教授, Acting
 (d)  One representative of the Center for Language Education, and one representative of the Center for Education Innovation, to be appointed by the Provost
  • Professor Melinda WHONG, Center for Language Education
  • Mr Nick NOAKES, Center for Education Innovation
 (e)  One undergraduate student representative and one postgraduate student representative, to be nominated by the HKUST Students' Union
  • Miss Wan Kan NG, Undergraduate
  • Mr Tin Yau LIU, Postgraduate

 Co-opted Members:

   Academic Director of Undergraduate Core Education, or nominee
  • Professor Kam Tim WOO 胡錦添教授
   One representative from Interdisciplinary Programs Office, to be nominated by the Director
  • Professor King-Lau CHOW 周敬流教授
   Senior Advisor to the Provost
  • Dr Trevor WEBB
   Director of Institutional Research, or nominee
  • Professor Chung-Yee LEE 李忠義教授
Term: For student members, one year, renewable
             For others, two years, renewable
Information as of 18 January 2021